“I’m very interested in buildings that adapt to changes in climatic conditions according to the seasons, buildings capable of responding to our physical and psychological needs in the way that clothing does. We don’t turn on the air-conditioning as we walk through the streets in high summer. Instead, we change the character of the clothing by which we are protected. Layering and changeability: this is the key..."

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Friday, 04 February 2011 21:43

‘’Gehry’s chaotic composition inside minimal form...”

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Architects: Gehry Partners, LLP
Project Area: 100,641 sqf
Project Year: 2011

The New World Center is part of the New World Symphony America’s Orchestral Academy. Located in the heart of Miami Beach, the music education and performance facility is the first purpose-built home for the New World Symphony founded by artistic director Michael Tilson Thomas.

In terms of design the building’s exterior portrays a quiet, almost tamed Frank Gehry. The rectangle shaped white building expresses Gehry’s well known bends and folds within its interior – glimpses of which are visible through the main entrance east facade 80 foot high glass curtain wall.

Information is used from: www.dezeen.com

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