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 Subject :Path of Exile fancy BD.. 29-10-2019 07:58:21 
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The Path of Exile Fancy BD Contest is an official event organized to promote skill genre communication between players. It has already achieved the second session and it will reward you a fewPoE currencyitems. The entries in the competition open the brain for our players, marvel at the original skills. It can still play like this!

In addition to the ranking awards, this competition also has three awards, such as Best Creative Award, Best Practical Award, Best Effect Award, etc. It is sure that you will get these rewards. The most pleasing BD. Judging from the BDs that players have already submitted, there are quite a few interesting routines in this competition.

Utilize the blood-sucking advantage of execution to increase equipment and talent to 68% or even 100% of the limit. This BD from the ancient times was in the submission area of ??this fancy BD contest and caused a lot of players to discuss. According to the authors own introduction, after the 3.3 fire spells were enhanced, he saw the choice of re-matching the sucking skills. After testing multiple hitting skills, I finally chose to match the anger and the normal.

The main advantages are as follows: the burning of the normalized zone and its MORE spell can trigger the additional MORE damage of the crash and increase the damage of the Pentium. And in fire spells, Fire Injury INC will gain even more. Pentium has a stable element overload that also provides a stable life response as a hit spell. In addition, the speed of the raging flame is relatively top-notch, which can save a lot of time to steal life.

The actual use effect of BD is still very efficient. For now, it is not too much to say that it is the highest second back to normal, this BDkilling diagram is extremely efficient. It can be seen from the sentencefire that the quality of the entries in this fancy BD contest is high, and some routines even make many melon players call the scalp is numb .

For example, the mechanism of theuniquedeath the first mix in history , this mix and match is very complicated, in the authors own words is from the cast of injury release stream also sent a bunch of summons, the entire BD ring Interlocked, Scolds Bridle head triggers the injury to create a corpse, and the body is consumed by The Souls sacrifice. The character receives the shield from The Souls sacrifice to counteract the damage of the Scolds Bridles head, while the casting speed is constantly consuming the body stack.

This complex mechanism of BD is always very gorgeous, and its concept is very interesting, people have to admire the authors design ideas clear. But for many low-stakes players too many summonses are also testing the computer at the same time

To put it simply, the punishment the fire is rushing is a representative of the fast killing genre, and the entire process of drawing is simple and violent. The BD, the first mashup in history, is quite complicated, but it is relatively gorgeous. For other exiles, these two different types of BD are different. After all, some players value efficiency and some players value gorgeous. I believe that the best awards that will be born in this fancy BD contest will be both gorgeous and efficient. It is a true fancy BD.

After watching the entries of the two fancy BD contests, have they been showed by their routines? You also come together to spread your brain.
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