"In a society that celebrates the inessential, architecture can put up a resistance, counteract the waste of forms and meanings, and speak its own language. I believe that the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific society"

Peter Zumthor

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 Subject :Take reference from good books for essay writing.. 18-12-2017 08:20:09 
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Writing an essay means thinking critically, analyzing material
and reaching a conclusion.First you have to understand
the material you’ve been studying.It means you must be
presenting a coherent argument.Next level is to prepare an
effective essay needs learning capability.For completing an
excellent essays you must need to be able to express ideas clearly,
with good grammar and a flexible style. There are a lots
of books are available for you and take a reference from
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