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 Subject :Suggestion: Lock a good map and do PoE Currency again and again.. 26-11-2019 03:46:11 
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How does Path of Exile lock the map? Is there any good advice to get poe orbs without buy Poe currency? Many novice players and friends don't know much about the affix of lock map in the game, let's introduce the detailed explanation of the Path of Exile lock map method. I hope I don't know how to lock it. Friends of the players on the map have some reference and help.

The sextant will be used here. First, the composition of the sextant and the map is a ratio of 3 to 1.

The function of the seal exchanged by the sextant store is to seal the illuminated map book. After the seal, the map drop rate will become very low. You can use this to seal the map you do not want to appear.

The atlas is not a Stash that stores maps. It is more like a nautical map that records the islands you have visited (every map you have opened), the size of the island (map level), and so on. Your atlas can be shared by different characters in the same alliance, not across alliances.

When the player reaches the end of the plot, the map will start to drop 4 kinds of T1 maps. The ruthless difficulty mentioned by GGG here has started to fall. It has been confirmed by netizens that it is not in line with the actual situation, and the cruel difficulty may fall, but this It doesn't matter. These four T1 maps are located at the four top corners of the atlas, and the player can expand from the four top corners to the center.

When GGG describes these three states, the expression is often not very clear. Here I summarize the information to give the three states, which is also convenient for the following explanations. I hope you will remember these three states for the following understanding.

It can be understood as an island that has not been visited. Here, the jungle valley map is not unlocked. This icon on the atlas is not available. There are several reasons for this state: this map has never been dropped, this map has not been printed, the boss has not been killed, and the drawing seal has been artificially locked (this will be mentioned later).
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