"A building is a building. It cannot be read like a book; it doesn't have any credits, subtitles or labels like picture in a gallery. In that sense, we are absolutely anti-representational. The strength of our buildings is the immediate, visceral impact they have on a visitor."

Jacques Herzog

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Born: September 6, 1928

Nationality: Japanese

Masterpiece: National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto

I was never attracted to the idea of a large organization. On the other hand, a small organization may tend to develop a very narrow viewpoint. My ideal is a group structure that allows people with diverse imaginations, that often contradict and are in conflict with one another, to work in a condition of flux, but that also permits the making of decisions that are as calculated and objectively weighed as necessary for the creation of something as concrete as architecture. Fumihiko Maki


A major figure in Japanese architecture since the late 1950s Fumihiko Maki is recognized for his architectural and urban design work . He is known for Fumihiko Maki's rational approach, intelligent combination of technology with craftsmanship, and delicate details, all of which are illustrated in projects for cultural, residential, commercial, educational as well as office, convention, and sports facilities.

-> Born in Tokyo, 16 September 1928. Studied in Kenzo Tange's Research Laboratory 1948-52; bachelor's degree in architecture 1952 attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills;
-> Michigan 1952-53, master's degree in architecture 1953;
studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1953-54, masters degree in architecture 1954;
-> Married Misao Matsumoto 1960: 2 children
-> Designer, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, New York 1954-55;
-> designer, firm of (Josep Lluis) Sert, Jackson and Associates Cambridge 1955-58;
-> principal, Maki and Associates, Tokyo from 1965.

->Assistant professor 1956-58, associate professor 1960-62, Washington University School of Architecture, St. Louis, Missouri; associate professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design 1962-65;
-> lecturer, department of urban design 1965-79, professor of architecture 1979-89, University of Tokyo;
-> honorary fellow, American Institute of Architects 1980;
-> founder and member, Metabolist Group, Tokyo;
-> member, Japanese Institute of Architects. Awarded Pritzker Prize 1993.

Notable Work

1982 Guest House, Kuobe, Japan

1984 Fujisawa Municipal Gymnasium, Fujisawa, Japan

1985 Spiral, Tokyo, Japan

1986 National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

1987 Iwasaki Art Museum Annex, Ibusuki, Japan

1989 Makuhari Masse , Tokyo, Japan

1989 Tepia, Tokyo, Japan

1990 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan

1992 Hillside Terrace Complex, Tokyo, Japan

1995 Tokyo Church of Christ, Tokyo, Japan

Fumihiko Maki's project

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