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Monday, 18 July 2011 13:38

#1 Spiral Lounge Chair by Victor M. Aleman

The chair encourages people to communicate while they are sunbathing near the swimming pool. See more at:

#2 The Moon Chair By Mike To

Like carved in pure rock, the round shiny Moon Chair is a stellar piece of design! Whether in grey or in bronze, Mike To‘s Moon Chair’s effect is stunning! More at:

#3 Designs by Erik Griffioen /More at: /

The Spider Chair

Wood Chair

Low Rider

#4 D’Amore Chair By Russell Grigg

This transparent chair takes the simple form of the human body and makes it so much more than a hollow. More at:


#5 The SwiTCh Table And Chair By Ellen Ectors


This surprising switch Table Chair is made by Ellesco International and was designed by the Belgian Designer Ellen Ectors as her graduation work from Sint Lukas Brussels. More at:

#6 The Sea-Urchin Chair By Rachel Van Outvorst

The Sea-Urchin made by Oooms Studio with Dutch designer Rachel van Outvorst is truly a remarkable piece of work! More at:


#7 Barnacle Chair by Ania Wagne

This chair allows the user to sit in it, similar to bucket seating or flip it over and multiple users can lean against it while seated on the floor. Measuring 30x40x23”, the Barnacle Chair is a modern, green and functional design. More at:

#8 Hairy Chair by Charles Kaisin

This "hairy chair" is made of very fine cut paper. More at:

#9 Screw Chair by Revol Design

A surprisingly comfortable chair made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws. More at:

#10 Mars & Venus Chairs by Mahdi Naim

#11 Joseph Riehl’s Alright rocking chair

#12 Bike Chair

#13 Toeloop chair by Mario Stadelmann

#14 Shopping Cart Chair by Fernando ’FU’ Paullada

#15 Recycled Cutlery Chair By Osian Batyka-Williams

#17 Surf Chair

The Surf Chair® has been developed in collaboration with fellow student Leif S?rensen for the 'Internet Collection' competition at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000. More at:

#18 The LumBar Stool by James Douglas

#19 The Cord Chair by Jacques Guillon

Constructed in a solid maple wood frame and finished with either a walnut wood veneer or black lacquer, the chair’s material integrity is true to Jacques Guillon’s authentic design. The seat and back are fully strung in either white or black 8-strand braided cord. More at:

#20 The Pyramid Chair by Karim Rashid

#21 Pick Chair

The Pick Chair transforms from wall art to functional furniture with a flick of the wrist. It is an inspiring take on the use of space, the transformation of an object, and the combination of art and design. In this way, the design epitomizes Dror’s vision: the beauty of art paired with the simple poetics of form following function. More at:

#22 Peacock Chair

The Peacock Chair is created out of three sheets of felt and a minimal metal frame. The folds of the felt are woven tightly to form a structured yet incredibly comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved. More at:

#23 Bibliochaise by Nobody&Co

If you have thousands of books in your house, the Bibliochaise is not only a great way to keep them close, but it also looks comfortable enough for you to read them while you are sitting on it. More at:

#24 Kora designed by Enzo Berti

#25 Perillo by Z?co

#26 Lippi by Jouko J?rvisalo

#27 Kolo by Jouko J?rvisalo

#28 Fauteuil Uncut by Ron Arad

#29 Burst Chair by Oliver Tibury

#30 Drops by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen

#31  Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten

#32 Stitch Kit by Nel

#33 Infinity Furniture Collection by Tangle Creations

#34 Yoga Chairs by Lucas Maassen

#35 Skl Lounge by Brodie Neill

#36 Poufman by qayot

#37 Welcome Chair by Abhijeet Kumar

#38 Cabbage Chair by Nendo

#39 Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio

#40 The Nest Chair With Graphical Chaos By Nina Bruun


#41 The Bouloum Lounge Chair by Olivier Mourgue

The Bouloum Lounge Chair by Olivier Mourgue (1969) is as you can see made to fit the human body in the perfect lounging position. The Bouloum is part of the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and is one of the most comfortable pieces of modern furniture you will ever sit in. This humanistic style features a tubular steel frame molded into high resiliency urethane foam upholstered is Moguls, a durable recycled polyester textile. Made by Arconas and available in various colors from $ 758. More at:

#42 Lost in Sofa Chair

Lost in Sofa chair designed by Daisuke Motogi allows you to store and hide small objects between the cushions.

#43 Le Corbusier lc4 Chair

Design Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, 1928. Sling seat, metal frame. Made in Italy by Cassina. Price: $2,660.00. More at:

#44 Voido Rocking Chair

A very inviting piece, the Voido rocking chair is a welcome twist on a classic design. Made from a rotational-molded polyethylene in that unique, Ron Arad style, Voido delivers an amazing style to any space. Cost: $1,082.0. More at:

#45 Ribbon Chair

The Ribbon Chair is among one of the most comfortable chairs ever. The bold contoured form allows the user to assume a variety of positions while retaining the necessary support. A professional, innovative vision on the well-known ribbon form. A beautiful example of applied art, the ribbon is one of the most beautiful chairs as well. Cost: $8,475.00. More at:

#46 Apollo Chair

Beautifully formed providing elegance and comfort, the Apollo bespeaks balance and harmony. Cost: $2,442.00. More at:

#47 Lizard Chair

Lizard Chair in black leather with chrome frame. Cost: ?799. More at:

#48 Joe Lounge Chair

From Heller comes “Joe” a surreally oversized baseball glove first produced in 1970 in leather, now reissued in indoor/outdoor roto-molded plastic in either tobacco brown or marble gray. Cost: $975.00. More at:

#49 Crossed Legged Chair

Stylish chair by Vladimir Tsesler will surely impress your guests. More at:

#50 FF1 Chair

Unique chairs made out of one square sheet of synthetic felt by Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tom de Vrieze. More at:

#51 Hood Chair

Creative hoodie inspired chair comes equipped with its own hood. More at:

#52 Pata Chair

Innovative chair by Japanese designer Hiroyuki Morita transforms into a floor mat when not in use. More at:

#53 Bulb Chair

Designed by Ga?tan Van de Wyer, a Belgian designer, “Bulb” from Onyx Furniture is an indoor chair that doubles as LED lamp (5 watts, 12 V) to illuminate your living space. More at:

#54 Splash Chair

Unusual chair lounge designed by Michael L. Wendel. More at:

#55 Felt Chair

Creative chair designed by Lothar Windels from Munich, Germany. More at:

#56 White Clover Chair

Beautiful clover inspired chair designed by Ron Arad for Driade. More at:

#57 Stoel Chair

Modern chair by Netherlands designer Joris Spiertz is constructed out of plywood and metal joints. More at:

#58 Cut Chair

Unusual chair provides a stable place to sit, but creates an optical illusion that tells you otherwise. More at:

#59 Sleepy Chair

Comfortable pillow and blanket chair designed by Daisuke Motogi. More at:

#60 Football Chair

Emanuele Magini designed a chair for people who love football. More at:

#61 Ghost Chair

Cool chair handmade out of a single transparent polyester sheet. More at:

#62 Relaxed Chair

Unique chair designed by Kenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus. More at:

#63 Magic Chair

Creative illusion chair made by Italian designer Davide Conti. More at:

#64 Grass Chair

Nature inspired chair for the garden created by Kevin Hunt. More at:

#65 Lamp Chair

Space saving chair with integrated lamp made by Nieuwe Heren. More at:

#66 Hug Chair

Elegant chair designed by Gabriella Asztalos combines the original spiral shape and the values of a hug. More at:

#67 Arm Chair

Unique chair with two arms designed by Oleksandr Shestakovych. More at:

#68 Music Box Chair

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#69 Rising Chair

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#70 Viewing Chair

#71 Doeloe Chair

Unique lounge chair designed by Abie Abdillah from Indonesia. More at:

#72 Coconut Chair

Unique chair by George Nelson was inspired by the coconut shell. More at:

#73 Mariposa Chair

Stylish modern chair designed by Kate Rider from Scotland.More at:

#74 Loopy Chair

Elegant chair designed by Phillip Grass and made out of fiberglass. More at:

#75 Lounge Chair

Elegant chair made from 152 layers of pine wood by Kyle Buckner. More at:

#76 Aviator Chair

Leather and aluminum chair inspired by World War II bomber planes. More at:

#77 Wire Chair

Elegant chair created out of black wire by Phillips de Pury. More at:

#78 Eklipse Chair

Modern chair designed by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic merges the boundaries between art and furniture. More at:

#79 Myrkr Chair

Cool chair made from a single laser cut sheet of 12mm plywood and 144 dowels with no metal connections. More at:

#80 Orchid Chair

Beautiful and stylish chair designed by Christian Flindt. More at:

#81 Leaf Chair

Elegant minimalist chair designed by Mehtap Obuz for ilio. More at:

#82 Self-Sustainable Chair

Creative dress connects to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble. With each step, the dress slowly transforms into a chair. More at:

#83 Ode Chair

Contemporary chair hand crafted from wood by Jolyon Yates. More at:

#84 Roulade Chair

Stylish combination of a mattress, chair and a couch designed for the Mungo Park theatre. More at:

#85 Firewood Chair

Sheet of steel curves around your firewood to resemble a chair. More at:

#86 Chrome Chair

Continuous morphing polished aluminium loop in the form of a chair. More at:

#87 Vertex Chair

Triangular planes meet dynamically to create this stylish chair. More at:

#88 Bookseat Chair

Brilliant combination of a chair and a bookshelf saves space and creates a perfect place for reading. More at:

#89 Robo Chair

Stylish modern chair design by Italian designer Luca Nichetto. More at:

#90 Zero Gravity Chair

This recliner chair encourages good posture when sitting and is probably the closest you will ever get to experiencing zero gravity. More at:

#91 Cube Chair

Elegant chair concept designed by Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria. More at:

#92 Fiberglass Chair

Limited edition fiberglass chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci. More at:

#93 aCHAIR

Modern chair by Ivo Otasevic is designed to look like the letter ‘a’. More at:

#94  Ivy Chair

Stylish chair by h220430 design studio is covered in white leaves. More at:

#95 Air Chair

Inspired by the concepts of lightness, weightlessness and comfort. More at:

#96 Breathing Chair

It’s a chair made of foam that becomes an armchair when someone sits down. It was created by Taiwanese designer Yu-Ying Wu, a graduate from the Department of Industrial Design at the Taiwan-based Tatung University More at:

#97 Bamboo Chair by Jeff Ddah-Yue Shi

Elegant chair is composed of rounded box-shaped bamboo frames. More at:

#98 Futuristic Chair by Oil Monkey

Unique chair that is a combination of transparent plastic and wood. More at:

#99 Zip-Up Chair

Unique chair designed by Kim In-bo can be transformed into a stool. More at:

#100 Two in One Chair

Cool “two chairs in one” set designed by Alberto Villarreal. More at:

#101 Gaudi Chair

The surface is made from carbon fiber and the ribs are made of glass-filled nylon, fused together by selective laser sintering. More at:

#102 Flux Chair

Innovative chair that folds flat for easy storage and transportation. More at:

#103 Snake Chair

Stylish chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. More at:

#104 Modern Rocking Chair

Cool rocking chair designed by London’s Supernatural Studios. This new concept by London’s Supernatural Studios redesigns and modernizes the, now antiquated Benjamin Franklin creation. They use non-traditional material and design by abandoning wood and bringing it a bit closer to the ground, presumably for functional purposes. More at:

#105 Cloth Chair by Jehs+Laub for Cassina

Comfortable chair manufactured from extremely soft fabric. More at:

#106 Roots Chair

Unique chair by Bulgarian based industrial designer Yuliyan Mikov. More at:

#107 Rope Chair

Unique chair design created by Tom Price from melted blue rope. More at:

#108  NEMO Chair

Beautiful chair designed by the Italian architect Fabio Novembre. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant. Tall enough to protect the person, and designed to be used outside and inside alike, NEMO has the power to turn any habitat into a theatrical scene. And whoever uses it becomes the protagonist in a story. More at:

#109 O&O Chair

Beautiful contemporary chair prototype designed by Tetsu Kataoka. More at:

#110 Kanutos II Chair

Creative Kanutos lounge chair designed by Victor Monserrate. More at:

#111 Flip Chair by John Casweel

Creative modern chair uses the wall to support itself. More at:

#112 Shadow Chair by Duffy London

Gravity defying chair with two legs is supported by a metal shadow. More at:

#113 Melting Chair by Phillipp Aduatz

The Melting Chair is made of glass fiber reinforced polymer with a special silver coating. More at:

#114 Tube Chair

Unusual chair made out of tubes by talented designer Tom Price. More at:

#115 Oyster Chair

When folded it is a cushion, when unfolded it a comfortable chair. More at:

#116 Corner Chairs

#117 Silhouette Chair by Evie Group

Modern chair designed to be easily transformable into a bench. More at:

#118 Bamboo Chair by Japanese designer Hiroki Takada. More at:

#119 Mini Cooper Chair

David Gawthorpe transformed front end of a real car into a chair. More at:

#120 Inception Chair

Amazing chair by Vivian Chiu is made out of ten smaller chairs. More at:

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